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  • What's slimming injection?
    The slimming pen offers an exciting and revolutionary weight loss treatment in the form of one painless daily injection. It is the first approved and licenced medicine that helps you lose weight and keep it off! Approved by the NHS and FDA • Reduces appetite and slows digestion • Can lose up to a stone in 3 weeks • Feel full and satisfied – not hungry and miserable! • Regulates blood glucose – reduces food cravings • Feel satisfied after small portions • Minimal side effects • Lose REAL body fat This treatment plan is lead by healthcare professionals, a full healthcare check is required before you are able to start this treatment. Our Slimming Pens are not suitable for everyone which is why the team will go through your medical history and obtain some key information upon an initial in-person consultation and your BMI will also need to above a certain level. It’s a very small painless injection, given into your abdomen area each day, results are seen in the first week, you do need a full medical to make sure that it’s suitable for you, your BMI needs to be over 27, this is a prescription medication which is NHS and FDA approved. Price is £199 for 30 days supply .
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